About Ginger


Ginger Roper

Ginger Roper specializes in helping you understand when and how to enroll in insurance. She will answer your questions and clarify the insurance options you have. She will help you avoid common misconceptions and late enrollment penalties. Her clients are located all across California, South Carolina and many other states, giving her a great feel for the insurance landscape. Talk with Ginger today in a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation!

Why Working With Ginger Is Different

It’s such a good question: Why choose us? We could say experience. That is an important element which we cover with years of service. The truth is, it’s much more of a heart issue. We have a heart for people in need. It’s that simple. We offer quality products, tailored to each client with a keen eye on their individual needs and their budget.” Ginger Roper